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Development of a interface for remote administration of machines


Manufacturer of professional electroportable machines, equipment and tools for the agricultural sector.



Distributors reselling the equipment are responsible for providing after-sales service for the machines, including maintenance and troubleshooting on site. Employees must then go to the location where the machine is located to make an initial assessment and then return with the necessary equipment to repair.

The first challenge of the project therefore consists in proposing a remote administration interface for the machines, which allows better preparation of the interventions and optimization of travel.

In addition, the buyers will have access to the same interface allowing them to manage their fleet of machines.


Teamwork brought its expertise in IoT and development (in full-agile) to develop a solution in serverless architecture / managed services.

Teamwork has also called upon collaborations with partners: for the UI/UX of the graphical interface, for the installation of sensors on the machines and for the management of the product backlog (done at the client’s site).

The management of the project and of the different contributors as well as the skills of the development team allowed the implementation of a project in sprint mode (sprint package), in total confidence with the client.


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