Template solution for SAP WorkFlow

Teamwork presents EasyWorkFlow for SAP

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EasyWorkFlow allows you to quickly and easily create any kind of WorkFlow under SAP without any WorkFlow skills.

  • EasyWorkFlow is based in a standalone autogenerative WorkFlow
  • Definition of flows and sequence steps using only customizing activities
  • Modularization of the specific processing by Abap function
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  • Very fast development and implementation time
  • Ability to set up several Flow for different types of documents (Material, Purchase order, Invoices etc.)
  • ‚ÄčNo workflow maintenance required (modification of flows without touching WorkFlow Designer)
  • Centralized management of all flows : configuration cockpit and reporting
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  • Notification with attached documents
  • Reminders with several configurable deadlines
  • Escalation process
  • Substitutions
  • User interface to process step via several way : SAP Logon, Web or Smartphone
  • Custom graphical charter
  • Easy inbox of task list
  • Offline approval step with comments
  • Connected to SAP Fiori or external system
  • Modularization of specific rules by abap function
  • Processing of a step by several agents in collaborative mode
  • Reporting and graphical progress of flows
  • WorkFlows Monitoring and Support


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Material Creation

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Purchase Order

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Invoice Controlling

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Document Management (GED)

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Support Request

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Smartphone Process

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If you would like to view our tutorial videos on the EasyWorkFlow solution for SAP or ask any additional questions, please contact us.