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Grant Management


The solution Grant Management focuses on the procurement process and is upstream of the contract management process. With the solution, the grants are managed in a structured manner and a complete documentation is available at any level. This leads to an improved overview and full transparency in the granting process.

Any number steps in the process can be documented in detail, so that a traceable history of the grant can be created at any time. The solution is fully integrated with S/4HANA and SAP ERP, avoiding costly interfaces and data duplication.

The components

  • Grant data: via a configurable interface, not only standard metadata of a grant can be entered, customer-specific fields or field values, as well as additional extensions may be configured, too.  Specific validations can be defined in the system using corresponding configuration tables.
  • Partner: for each assignment, partners with their respective role can be maintained.  Here the use of existing   system master data, e.g., vendors, personnel numbers, SAP business partners, etc. are possible. Moreover,  additional any other partner data can also be managed. 
  • Volume: financial data can be distributed across multiple positions.  Configuration, master and transactional data from connected SAP systems can be used without needing an additional interfaces.  Automated follow-up generation in the ERP (e.g., funds reservation) is also possible. 
  • Approval: a flexible, configurable workflow can be used to map different approval and inspection processes.
  • Tenders: a standardized interface to an external tendering platform can be used (e.g. “Decision Advisor”).
  • Snapshot: at any time, the current state of the grant can be summarized in a dossier. Thus, the respective state can be easily visualized at the time of decision making.
  • Contracts: one or more contracts can be created from a grant. The grant forms the financial framework and conditions so that the procurement specifications can be systematically audited.
  • Activities: activities can be either automated or manually generated. They support active management of taks or deadlines during the process.
  • Documents: the generation of documents based on the collected metadata is possible. But any other document or link to an external document can be stored. In this case, a connected archive system can be used.
  • Traceability: changes to grant data are logged at the field level so that traceability is ensured at all times.  The structured management of the allocation data provide an excellent database for targeted procurement controlling

The benefits

Complete documentation of all granting data

Increased data quality

Information sheet

Ensuring compliance of the procurement process

Active monitoring of contracting and procurement processes

 Dynamic process modelling

Reduce risk

Dynamic control of fields and modules via structured objects and attributes

Role and permission control, fully integrated with SAP Authorizatnos

Integrated contract and document creation

Direct integration with S/4HANA, SAP ERP and filing systems

Web-based, no client installation required, easy to use

Extensive configurability to meet general customer needs

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