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SAP Integrated Business Planning

Key features

SAP IBP Supply Chain Control Tower

Improve your Supply Chain performance by monitoring and measuring alerts and KPIs for a fast decision making.

  • KPI dashboard & advanced reporting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Alerts monitor
  • Simulation
  • Collaboration between users (via chat)

SAP IBP Sales & Operation Planning

Align Sales and Operations Planning with the company’s strategies and objectives.

  • Integrated collaboration tool
  • Unified data model for demand, supply and finance at any level of granularity and dimension
  • What-if scenarios for a rapid decision making
  • Real-time vision of the financial impacts of the different scenarios
  • Anticipation of upcoming risks and opportunities

SAP IBP Demand

Predict and meet customer expectations thanks to full transparency on demand.

  • Improved forecasting accuracy thanks to powerful algorithms and advanced learning machine features
  • Forecast enrichment from internal and external stakeholders
  • Product lifecycle and promotion management
  • What-if scenarios’ creation and comparison

SAP IBP Response & Supply

Adapt quickly your production, distribution and supply plan to demand changes.

  • Creation of a Master Production Scheduling considering production capacities, priorities and constraints
  • Simulation
  • Identifying and solving material and resource issues
  • Adapting inventories according to company business objectives

SAP IBP Inventory

Adopt an optimal inventory policy between increasing customer service levels and reducing working capital.

  • Efficient inventory management across the network
  • Safety stock and replenishment optimization
  • Creation of what-if scenarios to evaluate alternatives
  • Multi level inventory optimization for delayed differentiation

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