The success of TeamWork comes from the involvement of TeamWorkers and their ability to work in teams.
This is why we have sought to carry out projects that convey our values.
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TeamWork projects, unique human and sporting adventures!

Whether it’s climbing European summits or sailing around Europe, each of our projects is ambitious,but we are not positioning ourselves in a logic of achievement.
We make it a point of honor that teamwork is essential and that humility remains the key word.

Project 1 : The TeamWork 82 “4000”
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We are committed to this goal : making climbing our employees the 82 peaks of more than 4000
meters of the Alps
. Our project was completed in 2015: all summits over 4000m of the Alps have
been climbed by at least one of our employees.
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Project 2 : TeamWork Sailing Tour 2017
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The TeamWork Sailing Tour is a sailing tour with the goal of connecting Barcelona to Oslo in 28 stages
aboard our class40
. During 3 months, 90 TeamWorkers navigated our class40 alongside experienced
"The TeamWork Sailing Tour is a continuation of the 82 “4000” project that brought a lot to the
company and all those who participated. We wanted to continue the adventure by continuing to
involve the employees to enable them to live together something unique. " says Philippe Rey-Gorrez.
The departure of the Sailing Tour was given on May 15, 2017 in Barcelona and ended on June 18 in Oslo.
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TeamWork’s projects
are solidarity projects

We are engaged in the fight against lysosomal diseases, at each summit climbed or thousands traveled by TeamWorkers, a sum is paid to the Association to overcome Lysosomal diseases.

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TeamWork also supports athletes!
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The TeamWork Sailing & Mountain project does not stop there.
We also support French seamen, mountaineers and skiers united by the same desire for performance
locally and internationally!