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Focus on our bike connected to SAP By Design and SAP Analytics Cloud !

Why did you choose to make a connected bike? Explanations.

TeamWork teams prepared an IoT demonstration connected to SAP at the USF 2018 in Lyon.

The objective of the demonstration is to present the advantages of a connection between IoT and SAP in the industrial sector by answering 2 issues:

1. At the operational level: connection of the production tool and real-time analysis thanks to the IoT

2. At the functional/strategic level: connection of the IoT to SAP By Design & SAP Analytics Cloud and activity management

To do this, we have chosen to make an analogy between a bicycle and a production line.

The bicycle represents the production line here and every 100 metres, a production order (PO) is recorded in the system. How to know if the OF is in conformity or not with the specifications?

To find out, two sensors were placed on the bike and one on the cyclist. These sensors record different data: speed, energy expended, distance travelled… etc.

This data is then sent to an IoT platform (for the demonstration, we used an internal platform).

The data are then processed in two different ways simultaneously:

  • Real time: current data are displayed on a dashboard for immediate operational monitoring. For example, at the level of a production manager.
  • Historization: Data is processed on SAP by Design to get a history of OFs and then displayed in parallel as a dashboard using SAP Analytics Cloud for control. For example, at the level of the plant manager.

You will find below the architecture of the demonstration in detail :

Thus, we have defined several thresholds to know if the OF is compliant (always in the analogy bicycle / production line). Here they are:

  • Distance: between 0 m and 100 m
  • Energy produced: 25,500 joul and 26,000 joul
  • Heart rate: between 100/mm and 130/mm

These thresholds have been defined in advance on SAP By Design. If one of these 3 thresholds is not met during the production of the OF, an alert is sent to SAP By Design.

In parallel on SAP Analytics Cloud, by an update every hour, a “balance sheet” of the OFs of the day is available in the form of a dashboard with a color code:

  • If the light is green: the OF is compliant, all thresholds have been met, no alert has been given
  • If the light is orange: the OF is compliant but must be optimized, 1 or 2 thresholds have not been respected, 1 or 2 alerts have been sent
  • If the light is red: the OF is not compliant, the 3 thresholds have not been respected, 3 alerts have been sent

Below is an overview of the dashboard provided by SAP Analytics Cloud:

We find here a report of the OFs of the day (118) with an average score and the number of alerts sent during the day. It is also possible to have this level of detail for each individual OF.



Thus, by installing sensors connected to SAP on your production line, 2 major advantages are available:

  • At the operational level: immediate detection in the event of a problem on the production tool
  • At the functional/strategic level: better production monitoring with clear reporting
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