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TeamWork becomes SAP Partner in China

*Please find the chinese version below

Shanghai, 2019/11/25 – We are pleased to announce that TeamWork is now SAP PARTNER in mainland China. Already certified Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) in Switzerland, France and Canada, TeamWork continues to develop its strategic partnership with SAP internationally.

For more than 20 years already, TeamWork has been able to rely on its founding values of expertise, sense of sharing and taste for challenge to ensure operational excellence for its clients. This partnership acknowledges our capability to follow and support our customers locally in China and strengthens our value proposition on SAP solutions.

“China is a strategic hub for our development. TeamWork has been present here since 2016 for multiple reasons:

  • Accompany locally our international clients here
  • Develop local expertise that meets the specific needs of the country
  • Offer a global service continuity for implementations, deployments and support

This partnership is part of our global development strategy. It also attests of our competency in mainland China.”

Samuel Rollet, Managing Director China

About TeamWork

TeamWork is an independent international group, founded in 1999 in Geneva by its CEO Mr. Philippe Rey-Gorrez. As a strategic partner in digital transformation, TeamWork is involved in four core businesses: Business Consulting, SAP Business Solutions, Technology Platforms and Data Analytics. Recognized by its clients for its expertise and experience, TeamWork accompanies both major international accounts and SMEs. With more than 750 employees and 16 international locations (Switzerland, France, Vietnam, Singapore, China, India, Canada, United States), TeamWork stands out with its ability to guarantee 24/7 technical and functional outsourcing support services (in English and French) and geographical proximity to its customers. The competence, the taste for the challenge, the human values and the talent of its teams allow TeamWork to achieve linear growth and strong customer loyalty.


上海,2019/11/25 – 我们很高兴地宣布,TeamWork 现已成为中国大陆的 SAP 合作伙伴。TeamWork 已在瑞士、法国和加拿大通过VAR和PCoE的认证,并继续发展与 SAP 的国际战略合作伙伴关系。

20 多年来,TeamWork 一直能够依靠其专业知识、分享意识和具有挑战精神的创始价值观,来确保其客户的卓越运营。这一合作关系肯定了我们在中国本土跟随和支持客户的能力,并强化了我们在 SAP 解决方案方面的价值主张。

“中国是我们发展的战略枢纽。TeamWork 自 2016 年来到这里,原因有多种:

• 实地陪同我们的跨国客户中国本土化进程
• 发展满足中国特定需求的本地专业知识
• 为实施、部署和支持提供全球服务连续性


Samuel Rollet, 中国区总经理


Teamwork是一家独立的SAP咨询公司,在全球16个地区拥有超过750名员工。公司成立于1999年, 我们专注于SAP各模块和技术、SAP基础架构和SAP解決方案。我们的优势在于我们在SAP领域全面的业务和技术技能,用于项目的实施、系统的部署和运行维护。我们涵盖专案从设计到上线的整个生命周期,同时也提供24/7follow the sun 不间断的全球技术支持, 并专注于新技术, 如HANA和Fiori。我们自主研发的SAP解決方案包括合同管理,治理、风险和合规解决方案以及Workflow等。

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