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The synergy and spirit of collaboration between colleagues is an asset that is highly appreciated by clients.


Functional Consultant PS-PP
TeamWork Geneva for 13 years

“Fun and synergy, TeamWork is a state of mind. It is a society where human relations are privileged: human exchanges favor professional exchanges and vice versa.

The fun side (all extra-professional sports and recreational activities) creates strong links between colleagues, from which the client benefits indirectly because the exchanges and contacts created on these occasions continue in the workplace. Nobody works alone in his corner, if a problem arises, we send an email, there is always a colleague to help us or bring us his expertise, quite naturally.

Relationships based on trust

When I joined TeamWork, I was looking for conditions more suited to my family life in a high value-added field. My former structure refused me a part-time job and put pressure on me by telling me that I would never find a setting where that was possible.

TeamWork trusted me right away and offered me the chance to adapt to my conditions.

We organized the work, when there is an increase in activity, we arrange it together with the client and my team leader. It’s been working for 13 years, it’s a real asset.

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