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Honesty, closeness, competence, what I like about TeamWork is the adequacy between what was presented to me at the job interview and the reality of what I experience on a daily basis.


Functional Consultant & Team Leader
TeamWork Paris since September 2013

I had been working as a Consultant for an SAP integrator for five years, when a colleague told me that TeamWork was looking for an experienced logistics profile. At the time, I wasn’t in a process of change or evolution, but the spirit of TeamWork and the contact with its manager motivated a decisive choice, otherwise I wouldn’t have moved.

Right from the interview I was impressed by the extent of the knowledge of the SAP core business and the attention paid to the consultant’s profile and performance.

The search was very targeted, the approach super pro.

I was not disappointed afterwards. There is a real match between what was presented to me and what is happening in the company.


Team leading

What else did I find? The structure in small subsidiaries makes it possible to limit the hierarchical levels, management is very accessible, and this proximity favors rapid decision making.

The managers are very competent. They know the business and the environment and know what we are talking about, they are never out of touch with reality. When a technical or customer problem is raised, a dialogue is established, and effective answers and solutions are found. This is a comfort that allows you to acquire more skills much faster.

I was thus able to evolve very quickly towards a position as Team Leader.


Team spirit

Generally speaking, we find here more interesting human relationships than elsewhere. These are relationships between business collaborators that are established rather than hierarchical relationships.

This team spirit is expressed and declined in the customer relationship.

Many companies put forward their concern for the customer, here it’s really true.

The customer approach is different. There is no small customer, there is no difference in support, there is no difference in commitment. The listening and consideration necessarily given to the client pushes us to be more demanding and to progress.

Our progress is also motivated by a freedom to undertake.

At TeamWork we feel like an entrepreneur within the company. This frees the desire to contribute more. It makes you want to integrate other people and to pass on …

To this day, I continue to reject all proposals that come to me from outside, because at TeamWork there are constantly new challenges and ambitious projects that allow me to increase my competence.


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