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I was looking for a balance that corresponded to my vision of the job, and TeamWork was able to understand this.


Senior SAP Basis Consultant
TeamWork Lyon since April 2013

It was a co-worker who first told me about TeamWork. The story of the events organized for the consultants and their families caught my attention. This understanding of the men who make up the company was different from anything I had ever experienced, I thought it was worth going to see?

After years of experience in various service companies, I had a precise personal project. I wanted to deepen my skills in certain areas without getting stuck for a long time with the same customer and I didn’t want to move from one account to another, from one region to another, perpetually on the road.

I needed a balance between static and perpetual motion. TeamWork heard me. In other service companies, you have to resign to be heard. TeamWork heard me from the beginning. I’ve been in this mode for two years now and the original contract is still being respected.


Daily life at TeamWork: Cohesion and talent in a truly sporting spirit.

What struck me when I joined TeamWork was the strong cohesion between the different consultants. There is no competition or rivalry, but rather mutual help.

On the management side, you don’t have to go through many levels of hierarchy to solve a problem, your manager does the same work as you do, he sees the same clients, he knows the difficulties, he discusses them with you and the client in full knowledge of the facts.

You are never alone but accompanied, psychologically and technically.

On the technical side, the level of expertise being very high, the client is very quickly put in confidence. Many consultants are really talented, there are ultra-dimensional seniors who follow the client all the way to the end, the juniors are always supervised and are never sent out on their own.

It’s clean and professional work.

Just like the side activities which are real moments of relaxation, we are all together to discover different and wonderful things, it’s really separate from work, there is no disguised workshop, there is no decoy, it’s healthier.

All this is part of a really healthy general atmosphere.

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