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Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM)

Manage all your expenses in a single tool!

Simplified spending and greater visibility with Coupa BSM

With Coupa’s e-procurement platform, you can manage all your expenses, purchasing, invoicing, expense reports and payments in a single tool.

Coupa also offers a wide range of optimization tools: spend analysis, strategic sourcing, inventory management, contract management, temporary labor management, supplier and risk management, and cash management.

The Business Spend Management platform allows you to:

  • Gain visibility
  • Better control your expenses
  • Reducing risks
  • Improve your bottom line

A simpler, faster, more efficient platform

Coupa Business Spend Management streamlines processes through digitalization, and offers numerous advantages.

An intuitive, comprehensive expense control solution for complete visibility and control.

A unified Cloud platform that makes it easy to set up large-scale integrations to generate value.

A unique software architecture that’s constantly evolving, with over 300 new features every year.

A recommendation of personalized solutions thanks to the pooling of data and company intelligence via AI-based community intelligence.

A collaborative pooling of purchasing power and best practices to generate even greater savings across the entire supply cycle.