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Data Analytics

Mobilize and exploit the organization's data to make the right decisions.

Mobiliser et analyser les données des organisations et les valoriser pour faciliter la prise de bonnes décisions et optimiser les stratégies de transformation.
Image Data Analytics

You wish to

  • Helping you build your data project
  • Trust your data and control its use
  • Synchronize all your IS applications
  • Measure your financial and operational performance to make the right decisions quickly and adapt to unexpected events
  • Improve your industrial performance
  • Tester un premier use case et créer votre feuille de route IA Générative

TeamWork supports you

What do you want to do with your data?
How far have you got with your data project?

I'll have to think about it. I need advice.

When embarking on a data project, it’s essential to define a solid, well-structured target trajectory, where your business needs are aligned with the opportunities offered by your data.

  • Proposed organization models
  • Identifying use cases
  • Building roadmaps to modern data solutions
  • Identifying use cases and generative AI projects

I want to trust my data and control how it's used

  • Set up a platform to store, process and manage large volumes of data efficiently and reliably

I want to synchronize all the applications that make up my information system

  • Help in choosing iPaaS solutions
  • Solution deployment
  • Interface development
  • Data migration

I want to measure my company's financial and operational performance, so I can make the right decisions quickly and adapt to unexpected events.

  • Financial consolidation
  • Business planning & forecasting

I want to improve my industrial performance (Industry 4.0)

  • Quality control optimization, inventory management, predictive maintenance
  • Optimizing production costs

Je suis intéressé(e) par l'IA Générative mais je ne sais pas par où commencer

  • Identification, valorisation, PoC et mise en production de cas d’usages à fort impact
  • Centre de compétence IA Générative : stratégie IA, mise en place organisation projet & production de solutions IA Générative

Our areas of expertise

Mobilize, analyze and add value to organizational data to help make the right decisions and optimize transformation strategies.
  • Enable you to synchronize all the applications that make up your information system.


    Main activities

    • Help in choosing iPaaS solutions
    • Solution deployment
    • Interface development
    • Data migration


    Examples of deliverables

    • Inter-application flows
    • Interface contracts
    • Flow charts
  • Enable you to store, process and manage large volumes of data efficiently and reliably.


    Main activities

    • Data pipeline development (batch / streaming)
    • Storage and transformation (formatting, partitioning, anonymization, encryption)
    • Data analysis and presentation


    Examples of deliverables

    • Analysis dashboard
    • Ingestion pipeline
    • DataHub architecture


  • To enable you to achieve the highest level of financial and operational performance.


    Main activities

    • Strategy definition
    • Financial planning
    • Forecasting and financial analysis
    • Financial closing
    • Consolidation


    Examples of deliverables

    • Income statement
    • Budget monitoring report
    • Sales analysis
    • Expense management


  • Enable you to easily analyze all your company’s data, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.


    Main activities

    • BI architecture definition
    • BW, BI4 and SAC development
    • Technical audit


    Examples of deliverables

    • Architectural file
    • Control dashboard
    • Migration study report
    • Audit report

Our partners


partenaire awz migration cloud logo

AWS Partner Premier Tier Services, TeamWork has proven, certified expertise in AWSA

Microsoft Azure

logo microsoft gold partner - azure cloud

Infrastructure and Data & IA Azure Specialist, TeamWork has proven and certified expertise on AWS.


SAP partner _ ERP _ S/4HANA

As an SAP Gold Partner and Partner Center of Expertise, TeamWork has proven, certified expertise in SAP solutions.


LOGO partenaire talend _data analytics

Talend Data Fabric is an agnostic, scalable cloud solution that supports the entire data lifecycle, from integration to quality.


LOGO partenaire snowflake_data analytics

Access the data and applications most critical to your business and collaborate with the Data Cloud network.

CCH Tagetik

logos partenaires cch tagetik_consultant data analyst

Encourage innovation with CCH® Tagetik. Propel your strategy with faster, better-informed decisions.


Dataiku is a unified open platform for Data Science. source and cloud-based.

Our references

logo de l'entreprise Pellenc sur un fond de travailleurs de l'industrie manufacturière


Industrie 4.0: PELLENC implements a remote diagnostics solution for its machines

With AWS and QSmart, TeamWork supported the company from design to production of “PELLENC CONNECT”: a remote administration application to facilitate the preparation of machine interventions and optimize travel.

Référence client Agroalimentaire


Help in choosing & implementing an integration platform

Our customer wanted to industrialize its data management base by relying on a new technological platform.
With the help of Talend API Services & Microsoft Azure, TeamWork helped its customer choose and implement a single development integration platform that supports all its data projects.

Référence Client Pharmaceutique


Data Science as a Service​

Our customer wanted to create an application ecosystem to securely manage streaming clinical data.
With AWS, TeamWork has implemented a catalog of specific, standardized services dedicated to Data Scientists, while significantly reducing the budgets, timescales and resources required for the project.