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  • Governance definition
  • Management rules
  • Metadata Catalog
  • Master Data
  • Management (MDM)
  • Data Quality
  • Management (DQM)
  • Modeling DWH, PIM, DAM
  • API Management
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Cloud & Serverless Architecture

BigData Analytics
& Data Science

  • BigData TCO opitimization
  • IoT Edge computing
  • Real-time analytics, Innovation Lab
  • Learning algorithms
  • Regression, Classification, Forecasts
  • Anomally detection
  • Speech processing
  • Expert Systems
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Neural networks
  • Deep Learning


  • Roadmap and help with choice of solution
  • Solution Dashboards
  • Data Preparation Tools
  • BI Self Service Platform
  • UX Design Advice
  • Roadmap and help with the choice of solution
  • Operational Reporting
  • Institutional and consolidated reporting

& Training

  • Solutions Training
  • Skills tranfer
  • Change management
  • Application management
  • Implementation of corrections and evolutions
  • Job scheduling
  • AGILE Methodology
  • Outsourcing to a Service Center
  • Proof of Concept,
  • Performance analysis and tuning

Technological partners
and solutions



Deployment of the SAP Analytic Cloud (SAC) solution to support the implementation of the SAP CRM Cloud solution: C4C

  • Implementation of indicators and dashboards in order to animate and manage the activity of the sales forces as well as possible.


Help in choosing a group ad’hoc reporting solution based on SAP and Oracle data. Mission management and choice assistance approach in 3 key steps:

  • Definition of evaluation criteria and priorities
  • Implementation of the use case on platforms
  • Returns of the choice support grids


Assistance in the choice of a Data Science solution within the framework of the implementation of a Data pole. Approach of help in the choice in 4 key steps:

  • Definition of evaluation criteria and classification
  • Identification of the use case
  • Implementation of the use case on platforms
  • Returns of the choice support grids

Consumer goods

Deployment of an analysis solution to 1500 users to cover business needs

  • Supply
  • Quality
  • Purchase
  • After-sales service
  • Product innovation
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