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Technology Platforms

Designing and deploying innovative technology platforms that bring value to businesses

Plateforme technologique pour votre architecture réseau et cloud

You wish to

  • Migrate rapidly and massively to a cloud player
  • Be autonomous in deploying applications on the Cloud
  • Modernize your IT infrastructure (on premise)
  • Build a secure hybrid infrastructure
  • Accelerate Cloud projects with proven offerings
  • Rethink your SAP and other mission-critical applications in the cloud
  • Helping IT departments integrate and support modern applications
  • Whether you’re a start-up or a publisher, you want to industrialize your offering or switch to a SaaS business model.
  • Enhance the security of your cloud configuration, systems and applications
  • Test a first use case and create your Generative AI roadmap

How can I support the digital transformation of my businesses with an innovative technology platform?

I need to identify my major transformation projects and analyze my maturity

  • Helping the IT Department implement best practices (CAF & CCoE )
  • Validating Migration trajectories and business cases
  • Advising CTOs and PMOs

I want to migrate with confidence, quickly, cost-effectively and with the right method (tool, approach, people)

  • Deploying a Cloud migration factory
  • Managing application migration projects
  • Designing and deploying VMware in the cloud
  • Migrating to IBM Cloud
  • Implementing the right security solutions

I want to migrate my SAP ERP to the Cloud

  • Analyze SAP systems and draw up a roadmap
  • Fast, cost-optimized migration
  • Optimize SAP systems
  • Innovate!

I want to modernize my IT infrastructures (on premise)

  • Building a hybrid infrastructure
  • Modernizing Power platforms
  • Modernizing virtualized and hyperconverged servers
  • Modernizing backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Modernizing database servers
  • Modernizing IT tools (ITSM, ITOM, IDM)

I want to enhance the security of my cloud configuration, systems and applications

  • Supporting the adoption of SASE solutions
  • Securing cloud environments




I need to understand my cloud spend and define areas for improvement

  • Understanding and controlling costs with FinOps

I want to create tailor-made applications that improve my customer & employee experience

  • Benefit from DevOps tools
  • Deploy Cloud Native applications
  • Simplify development with Low Code
  • Harness the power of containers

I want to improve the management of my manual activities and the quality of my processes

  • Accelerate deployments with DevOps
  • Optimize process automation (RPA)
  • Implement platform engineering tools 

I'm interested in Generative AI but don't know how to start

  • Identification, development, PoC and production of high-impact use cases
  • Generative AI Competence Center: AI strategy, project organization & production of Generative AI solutions

Our areas of expertise

Cloud Strategy and Transformation

Transform your resources, processes and tools to unlock the true value of the cloud.


Main activities


  • Migration preparation and assessment
  • CAF, CCoE, landing zone
  • Assessing risks
  • Platform engineering
  • RPA

Infrastructure upgrades

Modernize, optimize and continuously improve your critical infrastructure and operations.


Main activities

  • Automation
  • Network Infrastructure, Compute,
  • Storage
  • IT protection solutions
  • IT security solutions
  • Power, Vmware, Oracle platform migration

Application migration

Evaluate and migrate your IT services in complete security and compliance.


Main activities

  • Architecture and design
  • Deploy and secure
  • Cybersecurity & compliance
  • Automate
  • FinOps
  • Application migration management

Application modernization

Modernize your applications, components, services, data and APIs, the foundation of your organization.


Main activities

  • Web application development
  • Data processing
  • Tool deployment, configuration and development
  • Application low code

Cloud security

Secure your applications in the cloud.


Main activities

  • SASE
  • Network architecture
  • Firewalling
  • Identity management
  • Cloud security posture management
  • Vulnerability management
Accompany & support the digital strategy of the business lines thanks to an adapted network and cloud architecture and the integration of innovative technological solutions

Discover our dedicated offers

Landing zone in a box

Create a standard cloud base for all your projects

Migrate your strategic applications

Achieve your migration objectives by strengthening the security of your information system.

Migrate your SAP ERP to the Cloud

Choose quality support for your SAP-to-cloud migration project.

Trust between a man and a woman to bring a project to fruition

Transform to SaaS & services

Enjoy the benefits of the SaaS model.

Our partners


partenaire awz migration cloud logo

AWS Partner Premier Tier Services, TeamWork has proven, certified expertise on AWS

Microsoft Azure

logo microsoft gold partner - azure cloud

Infrastructure and Data & IA Azure Specialist, TeamWork has proven and certified expertise on Azure.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers industry-leading security, enterprise scalability and open innovation to unleash the full potential of the cloud.


Logo VMWare-tous nos partenaires

Create your digital foundation with VMware’s software-defined cloud, mobility, network and security solutions.

Cato Networks

Cato networks logo_ plateforme sase

Cato provides the world’s first SASE platform via a private, global backbone, native “as a service” security, nomadic management and cloud access within a unified console.

Our references

Logo Seqens sur fond pharmaceutique, une dame analyse au microscope


Seqens migrates its SAP ERP to the AWS cloud

In just over 4 months, TeamWork teams upgraded the Seqens Group’s SAP ECC ERP and migrated it to the Amazon cloud. The new infrastructures are managed entirely by TeamWork (including billing), freeing up resources within Seqens’ IT department.

Logo Life & Soft sur un fond d'une photo de 4 personnes en réunion


Helping Life & Soft migrate from the Cloud to the SaaS model

Life & Soft has decided to switch from a traditional software publisher to a SaaS solution provider. TeamWork supported the company in its transformation to the cloud, setting up an adapted base on AWS and helping its teams to adapt to this new paradigm.

logo Veolia sur un fond de panneaux solaire et éoliennes


Veolia's financial management made easy and optimized thanks to the Cloud

Groupe Veolia, a specialist in optimized resource management (water, waste, energy), has a financial consolidation application based on the SAP Financial Consolidation solution. In order to better control costs and increase transparency, Veolia decided to migrate this application, called Vector, to the AWS public cloud, supported by TeamWork.