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Operational Strategy

  • New Marketing or Industrial scenarios design

  • Finance, Purchasing, Supply chain new paths definition

  • Company and operations mergers suppor

  • Technological and applicative paths design

  • Business and technical stakes definition

Business Digital Shaping

  • Client 360° approach

  • Client Omnichannel Roadmap

  • Portfolio of Innovating initiatives

  • Dynamic production plans definition

  • Training models business case

  • Process digitalization 

Environment, Society,
Governance & Risks

  • Preparedness to go through crises 

  • Risk cartography 

  • Supply chain resiliency

  • Working models reorganization

  • Governance and effective management tools set up

  • Development of energy efficiency

  • Risk analysis and control

  • Fraud control

  • Security and Authorization Management

Performance Management

  • Finance or Logistic 360° Diagnostic
  • Process optimization plan
  • Shared services center definition
  • Reporting book design
  • EPM solution choice
  • Cost Management and Profitability
  • S & Op Process And DDMRP

Business Transformation

  • Finance and Operations Performance improvement plan
  • Assistance to software package choice
  • Transformation project management
  • Value Analysis
  • Process Re-engineering 
  • Change management



Post-merger integration context, assistance in the development of the master plan for the group’s financial information system.

  • Reorganization of business and IS flows for a company managing air flows​
  • Project management (MOA) on purchasing processes and inventory management (from scoping to implementation)​
  • Implementation of global logistics flows and creation of the associated core model​
  • Feasibility study and creation of specifications as part of the implementation of the information system module


Management of an information system deployment framework project.

  • Diagnosis and optimization of production flows in the watchmaking sector​
  • Standardization of IS processes for a production site (from scoping to implementation)​​
  • Flow study and scenario proposal for a new plant project​​
  • Implementation of a new distribution center and integration of a new Group brand into the information system​


Conducting Lean Manufacturing audits at suppliers to optimize costs and the supply chain.

  • Study of the organization’s evolution on finished product flows (to respond to customer evolutions towards a mixed daily pallet).​
  • Coaching of the maintenance / production manager towards first level maintenance / preventive maintenance.​
  • Diagnosis of the organization of a man & machine production unit.​
  • Organizational audit: process document management and project management.​


Leading the Rollout project of the final assembly management solution for civil and government helicopters.

  • Design and implementation of a core model for the manufacture and maintenance of products in the defense sector.
  • Design and implementation of the aeronautical maintenance solution with deployment on 4 sites.​
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