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  • Financial model based on units of work
  • Optimisation of service costs
  • Responsiveness to new demands
  • Controlled outsourcing of IT functions


  • Cost effectiveness
  • Outsourcing
  • Sustainability
  • Capturing and sharing of know-how


  • Use of good business practices
  • Industrialisation and improvement of production
  • Service quality management
  • Steering Committee and Innovation
Active customers

In many sectors of activity.
Potential 24/7 service coverage.


Delivery Managers, Project Managers, Experts, Consultants, Developers.

SAP PCoE support

What is PCoE certification?

PCoE certification guarantees the quality of the service provided by your VAR, measuring both the level of certification of TeamWork consultants on SAP technologies and the various processes providing support and tools, as well as reactivity and proactivity.

Our certified support team, which meets the requirements and quality standards imposed by SAP AG, provides you with solid support in the event of SAP anomalies and ensures technical quality control to avoid any critical situations in the future.

TeamWork undergoes strict audits and re-certifications which take place every 2 years.

What is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and what are the benefits?

The VAR is entitled to sell SAP licenses and associated maintenance contracts.

Whether you need to acquire new licences or maintain existing ones, your VAR will support you and give you the benefit of personalised advice for your system.

You benefit from a single entry point for your requests and your VAR escalates for you your specific demands.

Why choose TeamWork?

For 20 years, TeamWork has been able to maintain its core values focused on  its customers, enabling the company to offer quality services adapted to your needs.

TeamWork brings together consultants with more than 10 years' experience in project mode who work in an independent structure that is close to its customers and flexible, offering a mixed service combining an international dimension with the ability to provide local support in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as advice on all new and complementary SAP products that may be of interest to the customer beyond the actual handling of the incident.

What are our support team's commitment?

  • Support in French and English
  • Access to the latest innovations and Enhancement Packages as well as Support Packages and Legal Change Packages
  • Customised TQC analysis (Technical Quality Checks)
  • Personalised analysis of your EWA (Early Watch Alerts)
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