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Corporate Social Responsibility: an essential commitment

At TeamWork, we believe in corporate responsibility and are committed to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

TeamWork, a Great Place To Work

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TeamWork, a Great Place to Work

TeamWork France, TeamWork Canada, TeamWork USA, TeamWork Switzerland and TeamWork Singapore are Great Place to Work certified!

These certifications testify to a professional environment where the development of each team member is a priority.

Objectif pour l’emploi association

TeamWork commits to equality and gender diversity with OPE

TeamWork is committed to equal opportunities and professional diversity, alongside the Objectif pour l’emploi association!


Respect for the principles of equality and non-discrimination

  • Monitoring of gender equality indicators
  • Equal pay
  • Participation in the “Women in Tech” mission by Propulseo
  • Association OPE (Objectif pour l’Emploi)
  • Participation in round tables on the presence of women in IT schools.
  • Participation in WomenDay partner events.
  • Woman&Diversity” round tables held internally to allow for exchanges on the subject.


Active partnerships around disability and reintegration.

  • Appointment of three in-house “Disability Referents”
  • Partner of the Handi’amo Tournament (wheelchair handball challenge)
  • Partner of the association Vaincre les Maladies Lysosomales since 2015
  • Partnership with TRIBü and ELISE, which support workers with disabilities and integration difficulties.
  • Partnership with the ESAT “Les 4 saisons de Lozère” for the supply of our office equipment and cleaning products
  • Awareness-raising workshops on disability with the association FACE
  • Organization of conferences around disabilities


A higher level of expertise through more training.

Ensuring access to training keeping the objectives in mind:

  • Train to attract: training new staff and creating jobsorateurs et créer des emplois
  • Train to develop: developing our resources through training to ensure a higher level of expertise and to maintain our clients’ trust
  • Train to transform: supporting the transformation of businesses


Rich corporate life and sporting involvement

  • Organization of “corporate life” outings to promote human values within the company: team outings, mountain and sailing outings, bicycle challenges, etc.
  • Obtaining the “Great Place To Work” certification in Canada and the USA, and inclusion in the “Best Workplaces” list in France and Switzerland
  • Since 2005, support of athletes in the world of sailing and mountaineering (Justine Mettraux, Nils Palmieri, etc.)


Adopt the right reflexes

Accompanying employees implementing a series of good practices in partnership with our IT department:

  • Eliminating attachments in emails
  • Regularly clean up their mailboxes
  • Implementing an effective retention strategy
  • Encouraging collaborative tools (Teams, SharePoint, etc.)


Towards more responsible mobility by controlling our carbon footprint.

  • Car-sharing program in partnership with KLAXIT
  • Electric vehicles shared with employees at the Saint Priest site
  • Increase in the proportion of electric vehicles in the fleet
  • Measuring the carbon footprint of travel
  • Bicycle garages available


Towards a reduction in our consumption

  • Low-energy buildings: TeamWork has obtained the eco21 label as part of an energy-saving program of the Canton of Geneva thanks to the implementation of energy efficiency actions
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels
  • Installation of electric bike stands
  • Good internal practices for resource use (water, electricity, heating, etc.)


4R: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Partnership with RECYCLEA for the reconditioning of old PCs and mobile phones
  • Partnership with TRIBü on the Lyon site, with ELISE on the Paris site and sorting containers on each site
  • Systematic recycling on premises
csr policy, corporate social responsibility

United Nations, Global Compact

TeamWork is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.

This commitment is reflected in the TeamWork Group’s adhesion to the UN Global Compact in 2023 and the implementation of a Code of Good Conduct – Responsible Purchasing.

Towards an energy transition supported by SBTi: our commitment to a sustainable future

As a member of the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative), we are actively committed to setting and achieving greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in line with the latest scientific recommendations, demonstrating our commitment to responsible and measurable climate action.

transition energetique_responsabilité sociale entreprises


In order to rely on an external assessment, TeamWork Groupe has decided to be assessed by EcoVadis and has obtained a score of 44/100 in 2023.

So you can find us directly on the platform under TeamWork Management SA.



  • Purchasing : formalizing a responsible purchasing policy
  • Commitments : Commitment to the UN Global Compact and SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) and shareholding in in eco-responsible companies
  • Parity : Restructuring of TW France with the appointment of women to managerial positions
  • Parrainage : Justine Mettraux, ambassadrice de TeamWork impliquée dans le projet Magenta (plus de femmes dans la voile)
  • Developing social topics around disability and gender equality