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Digital transformation for your operational performance, from consulting to deployment

TeamWork is distinguished by a strong culture and unique DNA that shape its essence and guide its path to success.

A major player in consulting,
innovation and technological integration

TeamWork is an independent international Group, founded in Geneva in 1999 by its current CEO, Philippe Rey-Gorrez.

Whether in the fields of organizational transformation, project management, implementation of innovative technological solutions, maintenance or support, TeamWork is involved in the entire value chain of your projects, combining consulting, functional and technical expertise.

TeamWork’s approach is to be a global partner, supporting its customers – both large international accounts and small and medium-sized businesses – over the long term with pragmatism and geographical proximity.

“A sense of service, knowledge sharing, a taste for challenge and respect for individuals are the foundations of our company’s culture.”

Philippe Rey Gorrez



TeamWork creation








Flexibility – Expertise – Seriousness – Independence
Sharing – Proximity – Trust

Sharing partners’ values, advising companies on their transition and supporting their continuous improvement is a motivating factor for TeamWork teams in their perpetual quest for performance.

Our history

Knowing how to evolve for better advice
companies in their own transformation

Since it was founded in Switzerland in 1999 with just 4 employees, TeamWork has enjoyed exceptional organic growth. In the years 2000-2010, the company extended its know-how internationally, opening branches in key countries and diversifying its areas of expertise. Since 2011, TeamWork has continued to innovate and grow, increasing its workforce to 1,200 employees today.

    • TeamWork founded in Switzerland
    • Expertise: beginning of the SAP Business Solutions business line
    • 4 employees
    • Branch openings: Lyon, Berne, Hô-Chi-Minh City
    • 140 employees
    • Branch openings: Singapore, Shanghai, Montreal, Paris, Ubstadt-Weiher, Greifswald
    • Expertise:
      • Creation of the wealth management solution: Wize by TW
      • Start of Technology Platforms business line
    • 400 employees
    • Ouverture agence : San Diego, Boston, Chennai, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Luxembourg, Nantes, Toulouse
    • Expertise : début de nos métiers Management Consulting (création de Tomorrow by TW) et Data Analytics
    • 800 collaborateurs
    • Ouverture agence : Bratislava, Toronto, Moka, Bruxelles, Pasig, Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg
    • Expertise : début du métier Solutions TW
    • 1200 collaborateurs

The digital transformation of businesses, a vision for the future

At TeamWork, we believe that digital transformation goes beyond the adoption of new technologies. It is essentially a question of vision, strategy and continuous adaptation. We offer comprehensive support to guide our customers through their transformation journey.

Over the years, TeamWork has contributed to the success of numerous companies by improving their productivity, strengthening their competitiveness, consolidating their customer relationships and capturing the opportunities of the constantly evolving digital world.

Our commitment to innovation and our drive to push back the boundaries of digital transformation enable us to offer you cutting-edge solutions.

We're hiring!

The TeamWork Group’s culture is based on a sense of service, knowledge sharing, a taste for challenge and respect for individuals.

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A committed Group

Chez TeamWork, nous croyons en la responsabilité d’entreprise et nous sommes déterminés à construire un avenir durable pour les générations futures.