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Take up the challenge of transforming to SaaS

What are your target markets ? How big are your customers ? What is your user profile ? Do you know whether the SaaS model will be profitable for you ? How can you transform yourself to offer your solution in a SaaS model ?

Whether you already have the answers to some of these questions, or would like to learn more about your customers and the use of your solution, our Tomorrow and TeamWork consultants can help you discover or confirm the benefits of a SaaS model.

Les gens d'affaires, la conversation des employés et les données de l'ordinateur portable avec la planification et la stratégie dans le bureau. Formation, communication et en ligne avec la paperasserie d'entreprise et le travail d'équipe avec la diversité.

Our approach to taking the leap to SaaS !

Hommes d'affaires, réunion et discussion pour la planification d'entreprise, la stratégie ou le brainstorming au bureau. Groupe d'employés en réunion d'affaires, de planification d'équipe ou de collaboration sur le lieu de travail.

The approach we suggest will enable you to answer the questions below through a business case:

Step 1: Supply and market

What market are we going to position ourselves in ? How will we address it ? How long will it take to build our offer ? How will we invoice ?

How are we going to organize ourselves to deliver and maintain this offer ? What impact can we expect ?

Step 2: The customer’s message

What should I do with my existing publisher licenses ? Where are my data stored ? What are the technical implications of using the service ? How long does it take from signature to access to the service ?

If you’ve decided to make the move to SaaS, our approach will help you prepare for the technical and organizational transformation.

Step 1 : Study & Technical Design

  • Analysis of existing situation: application architecture, system & network infrastructure architecture, security architecture
  • Organizational analysis (Dev, Ops, Security, Governance)

Step 2 : Technical trajectory design

  • Formalization of a technical architecture target and tooling recommendations
  • Recommendations for a detailed, costed action plan

Step 3 : Organizational trajectory design

  • Definition of an organizational evolution target to manage Build & Run of a SaaS solution
  • Recommendations for a detailed, costed action plan
Group of people at a meeting
Logo Life & Soft sur un fond d'une photo de 4 personnes en réunion

TeamWork supports Life & Soft in its strategy to migrate to a SaaS model

Discover the feedback of Sébastien Henne, Developer and Technical Manager at Life & Soft.

Founded in 2013, our customer offers services, solutions and software in the bioinformatics and biostatistics sectors.

Life & Soft has decided to switch from a traditional software publisher to a SaaS provider. TeamWork supported the company in its transformation to the cloud, setting up an adapted base on AWS and helping its teams to adapt to this new paradigm.

Our Management Consulting expertise

Tomorrow by TW brings you global thinking and solutions to build together a strategy adapted to your organization and your needs.

Our Technology Platforms expertise

TeamWork can help you design and deploy innovative technology platforms that bring value to your business.