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Customer references

Professional services

WeWard Builds Original Big Data Cloud Infrastructure with TeamWork

To reduce costs of his warehouse of analytical Data, WeWard appealed at TeamWork, which has set up an original infrastructure, judiciously mixing multipal Amazon Cloud services. A project completed in less than three months.
Mas Seeds

Food industry

MAS Seeds makes its S&OP process more reliable with SAP IBP and TeamWork

The Maïsadour Group's seeds division wanted to equip its S&OP process to make reconciliations between demand and supply more reliable and faster. TeamWork's teams were chosen to deploy the SAP Integrated Business Planning solution.

Transport & Logistique

RhB: Centralized ERP Powers Digital Journey

Carrying 12 million passengers on a network of ten rail routes every year Rhaetian Railway (Rhätische Bahn, RhB) is the largest train operator in the Swiss Alps. The decision to standardize systems across all the company's divisions on a single ERP system, SAP S/4HANA, has enabled RhB to increase efficiency.
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Assistance in choosing & Implementing an Integration Platform

Our customer is a French industrial food group operating in the cheese and dairy sectors, as well as in charcuterie, seafood and chocolate. The Group operates through two subsidiaries and employs over 20,000 people worldwide.
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Data Science as a Service​

With 49 sites and 28,000 employees in France, our customer is France's leading pharmaceutical company. It is also France's leading R&D company, with an R&D budget of 1.9 billion euros.

Manufacturing industry

Serge Ferrari consolidates its IS and ERP around SAP solutions

Following two major acquisitions, the Serge Ferrari Group wanted to consolidate the IS of its various entities, in order to harmonize its processes, facilitate the management of its activities and secure the obsolescence of certain critical systems.
logo Somfy, sur un fond d'une baie voitrée éclairée avec des stores qui remontent

High tech

Somfy optimizes its supply chain with Integrated Business Planning

As part of its three-year strategic development plan, "2025 One Way", Somfy has made the reliability of its Supply Chain one of the key priorities for improving service quality and customer satisfaction.
Logo Life & Soft sur un fond d'une photo de 4 personnes en réunion

High tech

Helping Life & Soft migrate from the Cloud to the SaaS model

Life & Soft has decided to switch from a traditional software publisher to a SaaS solution provider. TeamWork supported the company in its transformation to the cloud, setting up an adapted base on AWS and helping its teams to adapt to this new paradigm.
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Consumer products

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud​

Our customer wants to streamline eCommerce sites and converge them on a single platform: Salesforce B2B Commerce.