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SAP Ariba

Are you looking to meet the challenges facing purchasing departments in today's fast-paced transformation? Choose SAP Ariba and simplify all your purchasing processes!

Optimize your procurement processes with SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is an e-procurement cloud solution that interfaces with all types of ERP and is made up of several modules.

The platform offers a complete, integrated purchasing process, covering supplier management, strategic sourcing, purchasing, supply chain and finance.

Manage all your purchasing processes from a single platform

With SAP Ariba, meet the challenges of your company’s changing structure in the wake of today’s rapid transformation:

  • Compete in the global marketplace and realize profitable growth strategies
  • Manage the pressure on profit margins caused by ongoing price cuts
  • Manage the cost and availability of products and services
  • Realize and maintain the value of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Comply with legal, financial and safety regulations
  • Reduce legal, financial and operational risks for your organization

A standardized, simplified and automated process with SAP Ariba

The SAP Ariba solution adapts to your changes and enables you to move from multiple processes to a standardized process in a single tool, adding value by reducing costs, eliminating manual tasks, giving new transparency to the supply chain and automatically managing invoices and payments.

Comprehensive, integrated purchasing process

A single, integrated and comprehensive platform for digital collaboration, simplifying purchasing and sourcing.

Purchasing channels in SAP Ariba

Guided, rapid purchasing in line with purchasing policy via all channels.

Unrivalled digital collaboration

Access to SAP Ariba Network, the unrivalled supplier collaboration platform.

User experience

Transformation project improving the experience for everyone in the company: end-users, buyers, management, accountants and financiers, etc.

Integration with all ERP systems

Flexible, SAP Ariba integrates with all types of ERP, making it easy to install.