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Transform & Enhance by TeamWork

Are you in the Life Sciences sector and planning to convert to S/4HANA? Choose Step In S/4HANA RISE and don't just make a technical conversion...add value to your business too!

2027 is tomorrow…don’t be forced!

A technical conversion can be difficult to justify, which is why we draw on our experience in the healthcare sector (pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, etc.) to build a global approach.

The objective? Help you identify the value that SAP S/4HANA can bring to your business and optimize your processes.

Why speed up your conversion?

The Life Sciences sector faces many challenges

Respecting CSV – GXP rules versus the need for agility: the necessary evolution of your IS must be managed and secured.

Reduce the risk of attack and fraud.

Reduce IS usage costs, strengthen planning tools, better control the distribution network, develop e-commerce.

Identify new use cases, work in shorter cycles from clinical trials to market launch.

4 good reasons to choose Step In S/4HANA RISE

To meet these challenges, we have put together a packaged offer tailored to your needs:


  • S/4HANA: transforming the digital heart
  • RISE with SAP: towards the intelligent enterprise


  • Available in 3 formats
  • Adaptable to your context


  • Discover Signavio
  • Sector analysis solution
  • Planning tools


  • Clearly defined starting perimeter
  • Lump-sum commitment
  • Activatable options

Step In S/4HANA RISE offers you a catalog of functionalities to facilitate your conversion and bring concrete value to your businesses.

  • We have developed a “GxP snapshot” data comparison tool that assures the business that data has remained identical by comparing key data before and after conversion.

  • The Signavio suite brings together various modules which, starting from a T0 “observation”, enable us to draw up an improvement roadmap in order to prioritize projects and put a price tag on them. We’ll help you discover and implement Signavio.

  • We’ve developed an order-taking application for your customers. They can find out prices and product availability in real time, so they can order directly. Once ordered, the order is executed without human intervention in the information flow.

  • We offer you a program of functional bootcamps, enabling your business teams to get to grips with the S/4HANA solution in depth.

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Trust between a man and a woman to bring a project to fruition

Choose quality support for your conversion project

TeamWork support incorporates all SAP and Cloud best practices.

From a complete analysis of your current situation, to the development of a roadmap, TeamWork is at your side every step of the way as you transform to S/4HANA. You’ll benefit from first-rate support throughout the process and beyond, as well as a proven, expert, tailor-made approach to rethinking your SAP.

Guerbet converts to SAP S/4HANA ERP with TeamWork

Watch the video of Marcello Bellato, Chief Information Officer & Stéphane Lubin, Project Manager at Guerbet.

Guerbet is a French pharmaceutical group specializing in medical imaging.

The Group has decided to switch from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, in order to take advantage of the new functional and technological features of the latest generation of SAP ERP. A conversion successfully completed in less than a year!

SAP S/4HANA conversion study

Let’s build your path to SAP S/4HANA together, and get your business teams on board!

TeamWork, a recognized SAP partner in France and abroad

As an SAP Gold Partner and Partner Center of Expertise, TeamWork has proven, certified expertise in SAP solutions.