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Landing zone in a box

Create a standard cloud base for all your projects

Become autonomous when deploying applications in the cloud

As part of your transformation, you’ve thought about a trajectory, but don’t necessarily have the people, the time, the automation and security reflexes to build your Cloud foundation.

TeamWork will work with you to quickly respond to your need for autonomy when deploying applications in the cloud, and ensure the transfer of knowledge that is essential to your Cloud projects.

Business people, meeting and discussion for business planning, strategy or brainstorming in the office. Group of employees in a business meeting, team planning or workplace collaboration.

Build a modern platform tailored to your needs

The Landing Zone is the foundation for enterprise-wide application migration and modernization. Whatever the business use case you want to develop, we’ll bring you our expertise to define, build and deploy the right Landing Zone for your needs, in compliance with cloud best practices and security standards.

Step 1 : Landing zone workshops - 5 days

Landing zone workshops – 5 days

  • Governance : define and implement the right governance for tomorrow’s cloud environments
  • Accounts, organizations and zones : organize a breakdown according to your business and security needs
  • Security and shared services : apply best security practices and define the tools required for effective LZ management
  • Network : define network architecture for internal and external communication and application accessibility
  • DevOps : automate the design, integration and deployment of your infrastructures and applications

On day 5, we’ll hold a feedback workshop to check that the design meets your business requirements.

Note: Deep-Dive can be added to each subject presented.

Implementation – 5 days

During this phase, we will deploy the Landing Zone defined together, taking into account the existing elements of your IS. This work can be carried out with a technical expert from your team to ensure a transfer of skills.

Step 2 : Implementation – 5 days
Step 3 : Support – 1 day

Support – 1 day

In order to let you pursue your cloud-based developments independently and with complete confidence, we validate the delivered environments together with you, and explain the documentation step by step.

TeamWork supports Life & Soft in its strategy to migrate to a SaaS model

Discover the feedback of Sébastien Henne, Developer and Technical Manager at Life & Soft.

Founded in 2013, Life & Soft offers services, solutions and software in the bioinformatics and biostatistics sectors.

Life & Soft has decided to switch from a traditional software publisher to a SaaS solution provider. TeamWork supported the company in its transformation to the cloud, setting up an adapted base on AWS and helping its teams to adapt to this new paradigm.

Customer life and soft reference

Our Technology Platforms expertise

TeamWork can help you design and deploy innovative technology platforms that bring value to your business.

Our technology partners

TeamWork has a strong policy of technology partnerships with market leaders such as AWS and Microsoft.