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Easy Invoice

Easy Invoice gives you total control over the invoicing flow of your supplier invoices.

Easy Invoice

Make accounting work easier

According to an IDC study, accounting teams spend 30% of their working time manually entering supplier invoices.

Easy Invoice gives you total control over the supplier invoicing flow. The solution includes key steps such as integrating incoming invoices, tracking and processing them in a dedicated cockpit, and validating them via a workflow.

Available features

With EasyInvoice, you can simplify the management of your supplier invoices and make your accounting department’s job easier.

  • An efficient process: easy to use, fast processing, real-time monitoring, directly integrated with SAP
  • Optimize working time: eliminate time-consuming, error-prone tasks, and put this time-saving to work on productive, profitable tasks
  • Avoid difficulties: avoid late payments, reduce processing errors, limit fraud and guarantee compliance
  • Reduce financial and environmental costs: cut the cost of invoice processing, and reduce paper invoices

TeamWork supports TPG in implementing Easy Invoice

Transports Publics Genevois is a major player in mobility, with a well-developed network and eco-responsible infrastructures in the canton of Geneva, as well as in the canton of Vaud and France.​

TPG faced a major challenge when their old tool became obsolete and therefore no longer maintained. Having identified an urgent need for change, the company wanted to rely on a product directly integrated with SAP, which would give them a simpler, more global view of their supplier invoice process.

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