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Press release

TeamWork obtains the Advanced Specialization “Analytics on Microsoft Azure”!

Published on 10/24/2023

Our architects and experts support customers from a wide range of sectors in their migrations and upgrades to Azure, with particular strengths in understanding the installed bases (e.g. VMware), in adapting TeamWork teams to the constraints of each customer’s market, and in the proximity of our teams. 

In-depth expertise

This year, 2023, TeamWork is going one step further and validating the Advanced Specialization “Analytics on Microsoft Azure” as the logical continuation of its “DataHub” and “Data Analytics” projects. 

Through our extensive feedback, we help our customers to gain confidence in their data and master its uses: 

“The “Analytics on Microsoft Azure” specialization validates our in-depth expertise in building and deploying Azure Analytics and Business intelligence services to build secure, industrial solutions with our customers. To achieve this specialization, partners must meet a rigorous set of criteria, including performance criteria, certifications and an independent third-party audit.“

Philippe Rey Gorrez

Teamwork’s CEO and founder