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Press release

Cycloid and TeamWork make the Cloud Dream Work

Published on 12/28/2023

Cloud cost control solutions

“Although the cost of the cloud is falling, spending on it has doubled in the last few years, with over $26 billion wasted on inefficient cloud usage. One of the main reasons for this is that businesses simply do not have the ability to track or control usage using traditional methods. Partnering with a hugely respected organisation such as TeamWork provides an opportunity to bring the Cycloid engineering platform to a global market and truly help organisations understand and control their cloud consumption.“

benjamin brial

founder, cycloid

As organisations transition more applications to the cloud at scale, the complexity and cost of deployments – particularly across multiple cloud environments – is becoming increasingly challenging to control.The scale of the problem for organisations has been highlighted by recent Gartner research which estimates that by 2025, 51% of IT spending will have shifted from traditional solutions to the cloud, compared to 41% in 2022. One of the key reasons for this increased expenditure is that achieving granular visibility over cloud spend across multiple different cloud providers and cloud cost management solutions is shrouded in complexity.

Founded over twenty years ago, TeamWork has a long history of partnering with the most innovative technology companies to create a best-of-breed consultative approach to transformation projects for both large international and small-to-medium sized businesses. Combining its extensive global reach with the Cycloid platform gives joint customers a self-service set of cloud management tools that deliver the visibility, automation, monitoring, and financial controls across workflows they need to control costs and ensure more sustainable resource consumption.

An end-user experience

“Cycloid’s ability to easily complement any existing technology ecosystem and streamline cloud management processes, combined with our own expertise stitching together complementary technologies, makes it the perfect partner to solve common cloud migration challenges for our customers. Through this partnership, our joint mission with Cycloid will be to help more organisations drive efficiency, automation and scale throughout their DevOps, GreenOps and FinOps cloud journeys.“

baptiste simon

cloud pratice leader, teamwork

The Cycloid platform has been designed to optimise developer and end-user experience, eliminate team silos and accelerate time-to-market speed. The platform has been shown to reduce cloud spend by as much as 40% through enhanced control and management. Offering modules for Governance, Deployment, Operations, FinOps, and GreenOps on one centralised platform, Cycloid enables a much wider range of IT Professionals including DevOps, Cloud Platform and Solutions Engineers to simply drag and drop their desired cloud configuration to see and interact with abstract resources.

As a result of this partnership, Cycloid and TeamWork are already helping some of the largest organisations enhanced their self-service applications catalog and accelerate cloud deployment with IT rules compliance.