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SAP Integrated Business Planing

Optimize your planning processes with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)

Balance demand and supply to meet profitability targets

Fully scalable model

A single model for Demand, Supply Chain and Finance at detailed & aggregated levels

Planning scenarios

Real-time scenarios and simulations throughout the model


Transparent communication, rapid decision-making

Transparent communication, rapid decision-making

Access at any time via Web, Excel and Mobile interfaces

Shéma SAP Integrated business planning, SAP Supply Chain Collaboration ( SAP Ariba), Demand, Inventory, Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Driven Replenishment, Response & Supply

SAP Integrated Business Planning key features

SAP IBP Analyse KPI via une capture d'écran de l'interface utilisateur, on peut y retrouver des graphiques et cartes
  • Improve end-to-end visibility across your entire network
  • Optimize your supply chain performance with relevant KPIs
  • Manage exceptions with automated alerts, analyze causes and find solutions
  • Increase the agility of your supply chain while reducing costs
  • Create an optimal plan to boost sales and increase market share
  • Efficiently balance demand and supply, while achieving your financial goals
  • Increase the speed and agility of your planning, while guaranteeing the profitability of your decisions
  • Ensure process synchronization and cross-departmental collaboration
  • Manage risks, uncertainties and opportunities
Interface SAP IBP Sales & Operation Planning incruster dans un écran d'ordinateur
SAp IBP Demand interface embedded in a portable display
  • Automate your statistical forecasting process for greater medium-term accuracy
  • Collaborate to ensure the most accurate forecasts
  • Segmentation for flexible, accurate planning
  • React more quickly to short-term changes in demand, thanks to algorithms based on trend recognition
  • Ensure more precise deployment of products, based on short-term demand
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Maximize inventory and working capital efficiency
  • Reduce production and distribution costs
  • Standardize the process for setting stock targets at every level of your supply chain, to feed into operational plans.
SAP IBP Inventory interface embedded in a portable display
SAP IBP response & Supply interface embedded in a laptop
  • Optimize your tactical (Rough Cut) and operational supply plans
  • Simulate actual or potential changes in demand and/or supply
  • Quickly reconcile supply and demand to respond to operational changes
  • Optimize all your constraints
  • Spread demand with or without constraints
  • Manage your production and distribution planning
  • Covers all stages of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)
  • Smooth the flow of products through the supply chain and reduce nervousness
  • Reduce lead times and improve customer service levels
  • Reduce stock levels by positioning strategic cutting points and calculating buffer zones
  • Simplify planning with controlled replenishment, simplified prioritization and dynamic buffer control
SAP IBP DDMRP interface embedded in a laptop computer

Our references

Several companies have already chosen TeamWork and SAP IBP to improve their supply chain agility

logo Somfy, sur un fond d'une baie voitrée éclairée avec des stores qui remontent

High Tech

Somfy optimizes its supply chain with Integrated Business Planning

As part of its three-year strategic development plan, “2025 One Way”, Somfy has made the reliability of its Supply Chain one of the key priorities for improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

Personne confectionnant du chocolat avec le logo Lindt


Lindt modernizes its supply chain with SAP IBP

Lindt & Sprüngli France was one of the first French manufacturers to switch to SAP IBP. It was a gamble for the chocolatier, who was supported in its approach by TeamWork. Lindt France is counting on this modernized base to overhaul its forecasting processes and step up the pace in the field of analytics.

Voitures rouge et bleu garées en ligne avec le logo JTEKT


JTEKT accelerates planning with SAP IBP and TeamWork

Japanese equipment manufacturer JTEKT was looking for a fast, flexible planning tool to improve its S&OP process. The SAP IBP solution and integrator TeamWork were chosen for this major project.

two men and a woman standing facing, containers

Over 20 years’ experience and expertise in SAP DSC (Digital Supply Chain) solutions

Gathered within a dedicated center of expertise, our consultants all have dual technical and functional expertise, and are APICS-certified (CPIM, CSCP…).

We can support your SAP SCM project from start to finish, in line with best practice in supply chain planning: needs analysis, solution design, implementation, training and support.

Why and how to switch from SAP APO to SAP IBP?

There are many reasons why companies might want to migrate from SAP APO to SAP IBP. Find out which ones!

Discover our preconfigured Step In For SAP IBP by TeamWork

A ready-to-use, SAP-certified solution that complies with APICS best practices and enhances the functionality of SAP IBP.