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Texen transforms with SAP S/4HANA ERP and SAP EWM

Published on 03/04/2021

Texen is a company in the French PSB Industries group, specializing in the luxury and beauty packaging sector. Its customers include some of the biggest names in the sector: LVMH, L’Oréal, Chanel, etc. Texen employs nearly 1,500 people at 10 industrial sites in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The company’s external growth strategy resulted in a patchwork of IT solutions. No ERP was in place, and each site had its own management solution. PSB industries’ Luxury & Beauty division needed to find a solution to this problem, as well as to the obsolescence of the tools in use. In response, the company decided to implement a standard, reliable, future-proof ERP solution, common to all sites and capable of meeting both its own requirements and those of its customers.

« SAP was selected as the best solution in terms of industrial solutions, cost and ROI. SAP S/4HANA Intelligent ERP was chosen, along with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application. »

Franck Perot 


Site-by-site deployment

PSB industries launched its SAP S/4HANA ERP project in early 2018. The process is a classic one, with the development of a core solution, deployed on a first Group company in January 2019 (trading activity), then a second in June 2019 (CEICA in Brion, a production site with storage). In parallel with the ERP rollout, the organization of processes has been reviewed.

Once this model had been successfully tested at both sites, a deployment kit was built, then applied and run in January 2020 at the CMSI site in Attignat, near Bourg-en-Bresse. The PSB Industries and TeamWork teams are now working on deployment at Texen’s other French sites, at a rate of one every four months.

The core solution is adapted and improved according to feedback from the field. This agility enables us to respond more effectively to customer requests and to adapt to rapid market changes (increasing number of new products, ever shorter delivery times, etc.).

A more efficient supply chain

It was above all on the Supply Chain that the gains were expected. The SAP S/4HANA ERP provides a global, consolidated view of the Supply Chain. The SAP offering also enabled us to rethink processes and redefine functions and interactions. Finally, information is fed back from production sites to the ERP. This provides real-time progress reports and enables any problems, such as stock alerts, to be identified immediately.

“All teams now work to the same operating procedures. Standardization also means that all sites can use the same language and codification, making it easier to create synergies. “

Jean Sébastien Reinhart

Group Supply Chain Director, Texen

However, these processes are not set in stone: the solution is continuously improved, in line with feedback from the field and developments in industry best practice.

Evolutions already planned

“The priority is to deploy the ERP with minimum impact on site activity”, Franck Perot reminds us. Once the rollout is complete, however, the use of advanced SAP S/4HANA Intelligent ERP technologies can be envisaged. BI, for example, is a work in progress.

Many operations are carried out between all the sites of the two PSB Industries Group divisions (Luxury & Beauty Division – Texen and Health & Industry Division – Plastibell). A project was therefore launched to reconcile these intra-group operations (inter-company flows).

The deployment of SAP S/4HANA ERP at Texen’s French sites is scheduled for completion in early 2021. The question then arises as to the order of deployment: international with Texen or the start of deployment for Plastibell. PSB Industries has not yet made up its mind, but confirms that the choice of SAP S/4HANA – and TeamWork – should enable this global transformation of the group.