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Toucan Toco, a perfectly successful integration with AWS

Published on 04/29/2022

Toucan Toco, an innovative data visualization platform, turned to TeamWork for a perfectly successful integration with AWS. This collaboration has led to the development of the first AWS connector to Redshift.

Dimna Gean, Alliance Lead TeamWork and Baptiste Jourdan, CRO and founder of Toucan Toco at the AWS Summit Paris 2022.

The project

Toucan Toco has forged a strong partnership with AWS, with the aim of developing advanced integration of the Guided Analytics tool in the AWS environment. Following Toucan’s integration with the AWS marketplace, Toucan’s next priority is to offer native integration of its solution with Amazon Redshift, the market-leading Cloud Datawarehouse, to meet the needs of Toucan’s customer and prospect portfolio:

TeamWork supported Toucan Toco in the development of a native AWS connector, using Amazon libraries, to offer an uncompromising level of security, performance and user experience: no-code connection, management of multiple authentication modes, restitution of Redshift Databases in Toucan.

About Toucan Toco

Toucan is the Guided Analytics platform that anyone can use. Each stage of the analytical process is explained and contextualized, from dashboard construction to distribution. Users are never alone.

The result? A usage rate of +80%, the best on the market.

Toucan Toco logo embedded in a computer screen