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Veolia’s financial management made easy and optimized thanks to the Cloud

Published on 10/11/2022

Groupe Veolia, a specialist in optimized resource management (water, waste, energy), has a financial consolidation application based on the SAP Financial Consolidation solution. In order to better control costs and increase transparency, Veolia decided to migrate this application, called Vector, to the AWS public cloud, supported by TeamWork.

“Nous étions prêts à changer d’infogéreur pour notre application Vector de consolidation financière sous SAP pour une meilleure visibilité et un contrôle des coûts. Nous voulions simplifier notre modèle avec une architecture transparente et évolutive et supprimer les tensions entre nos prestataires IT. Le passage du cloud privé à l’hyperscaler Amazon Web Services s’est fait à l’été 2021 en utilisant nos propres comptes AWS Veolia. Depuis, notamment après l’intégration de Suez en janvier 2022, nous avons pu faire de l’optimisation FinOps et servir rapidement de nouveaux utilisateurs.”

Hervé Roullier,

project manager for the Veolia Group’s functional divisions, within the Group Information Systems & Technology entity

As a result, the Vector application has gained in flexibility, availability and visibility one year after this technical switchover. In addition to the 2,000 initially intended for Veolia financiers, 200 new accesses are now available to Suez (formerly Lyonnaise des Eaux) management executives.

Cost control with FinOps dashboards

A FinOps approach uses dashboards to monitor the use of SAP services and the associated costs for infrastructure and outsourced services. In this way, an alert is sent out at the slightest additional or unusual cost. Business experts and engineers are alerted quickly, and take corrective action if necessary.

“Over the past year, service availability and performance have improved significantly. The reliability of remote connections has also improved”, assures Hervé Roullier.

Jérémie Tessaro, Managed Services Governance Manager at TeamWork: “We needed to improve service availability and reduce hosting costs. Veolia needed high-level reporting and notifications to monitor and visualize the actual consumption of IT resources and virtual desktops allocated to each financial department.”

In addition, the infrastructure and its automated monitoring simplified Vector’s operations. The technical migration was completed in 15 months, involving teams from Veolia, TeamWork (architecture, integration and facilities management), Synvance (application support), Syslap (database) and Intrinsec (cybersecurity). The key factor in the success of such a transformation is the close cooperation of all stakeholders.

“Everyone has to act individually, yet be responsive and agile. A well-coordinated approach and regular, transparent exchanges ensure that the common goal is achieved, even when the people involved change,” emphasizes Hervé Roullier, who is now in charge of optimizing applications for the finance, purchasing, human resources and legal departments.