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Press release

“Transformation-as-a-service”: Zuora and TeamWork partner to help companies monetize their new services

Published on 05/10/2023

A business model full of opportunities

The recurring economy is no longer just about having a Netflix account or a gym membership. This business model offers a multitude of other opportunities, which companies in all industries are seizing and continuing to develop. According to the Subscription Economy Index™, Zuora’s published benchmark of growth trends and indicators for hundreds of companies in Europe and North America, companies with subscription or pay-as-you-go offerings have grown 3.7 times faster than the S&P 500 over the past 11 years.

In order to support a growing number of companies wishing to develop a recurring economy model, Zuora, a leading monetization platform for companies offering subscription-based or pay-per-use offers, has partnered with TeamWork, an international group specializing in consulting and technology integration, with strong business and technical expertise in ERP, data analytics, technology platforms and CRM. TeamWork supports both large international accounts and small and medium-sized companies in all sectors, and has customers such as Panzani, Pellenc, Groupe Rocher and Veolia.

“We have created a consulting offer called “Transformation-as-a-service” in order to provide end-to-end support for companies in the midst of transforming their business models: a component to validate the evolution of the business model, an ‘IT foundation’ component to ensure that the customer’s information system is compatible with these new models, a component for the management of the new offers and, finally, support for the automation of the back-office value chain.“

dimna géan

cloud sales and alliance leader, teamwork

A partnership that is closer to the expectations of modern companies

“Over the years, we have noticed a need for agility and support in the implementation of new and increasingly important offers, especially in industry. So it was from this observation that our offer in partnership with Zuora was born.“

dimna géan

cloud sales and alliance leader, teamwork

In 2022, TeamWork and Zuora decided to join forces in order to better respond to these new requirements for agility and digitalization. This new proposal goes further by reassuring stakeholders about the feasibility, speed and profitability of such transformation projects.

“In today’s unstable economic environment, the recurring economy model has proven itself. With our new joint offering, we can provide end-to-end support for our customers’ transformations, accelerating the deployment and profitability of their new business models“

romuald meresse

Managing director, zuora

In addition to the industrial sector, this partnership also aims to address the pharmaceutical, luxury goods and food sectors, as well as all types of companies, from small and medium-sized businesses to start-ups and large corporations. This plurality of customers requires a fine knowledge of all markets and a proximity to the business.

More than a partnership for Zuora, a new strategy

“We are delighted and proud to count TeamWork among our ecosystem of partners” says. For several years now, we have been developing a real ecosystem of trusted partners at Zuora, who bring us targeted and complementary expertise. This new partnership with TeamWork is perfectly in line with the transformation of our strategic roadmap and allows us to support more and more structures in the transition to the recurring economy“

romuald meresse

managing director, zuora

As a preferred partner of AWS (Amazon Web Services), Teamwork also allows Zuora to expand its commercial capabilities by being present on Amazon’s cloud marketplace. The Transformation-as-a-Service offering is now published directly on the AWS platform. A key step in accelerating the transition to recurring business models.