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Simplify document generation from SAP and SAP form creation

Generate forms from SAP

SAP offers several standard technologies for creating forms. What they all have in common is that an SAP developer must always be involved in the creation or adaptation of documents.

This means that document adaptation is always synonymous with high costs, lack of flexibility and dependency. After all, you need an SAP specialist for every small adaptation.

DocBuilder features

DocBuilder offers flexible form generation from MS-Word-based SAP systems. Word-based templates and output, without the need for SAP specialists.

  • Documents can be produced in Word, Excel or PDF.
  • Easy integration of third-party sources, including images, PDFs, etc.
  • Easy adaptation of page layout (headers/footers, CI/CO, etc.)
  • All Word functions are available 1:1
  • Multiple documents can be easily merged into a single document.
  • Templates are stored directly in SAP and can be edited via the web interface, including version management.

TeamWork supports Gilgen DS by creating quotations with DocBuilder Solutions

Discover the experience return of Christian Winkler, Head of the Customer Service Center Department at Gilgen DS

Gilgen Door Systems is a leading supplier of control systems and complete installations for door and gate systems.​

Gilgen DS was using SAP ECC to create customized offers, but this was time-consuming, error-prone, and not integrated with the SAP system.

We redesigned the process by integrating SAP’s SD module to create offers more efficiently and without errors.

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