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Creating quotations with DocBuilder at Gilgen Door Systems

Published on 03/20/2021

Context & issues

Gilgen DS used MS Word to create quotations, but this was time-consuming, error-prone, and not integrated with the SAP system.

We redesigned the process by integrating SAP’s SD module to create quotations more efficiently and without errors.

Our innovative solution, a tailor-made quotation creation tool developed by TeamWork, perfectly meets the needs of Gilgen DS.

“TeamWork gave us excellent support and we’re very happy with the new solution. The quotation creation process now works more efficiently and reliably than the previous one-to-one solution.”

Christian Winkler

Customer Service Center Department Manager, Gilgen DS

Our approach

Offer a simpler, multilingual and personalized quotation creation experience via a user-friendly and flexible SAP tool.