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Easy Bridge Sharepoint

Retrieve SAP-edited documents for internal & external customers in sharepoint

Sharepoint access to documents from SAP

Do you use SAP ? What about your customers? Whether you’re in charge of a maintenance department, a sales representative or a sales manager, making documents from your SAP system available in SharePoint is a real plus !

At low cost and with no need for additional licenses, you can share hundreds of documents useful to your business or that of your customers. The service is designed to remain cost-effective, even for larger document volumes

Available features

TeamWork’s EasyBridge – Sharepoint service can be activated in just one day. You can set up as many document flows as you like.​

  • All ‘binary’ and ‘text’ documents are eligible, with unlimited feeds
  • Service monitoring is included
  • No document can be lost
  • Subscription to the service is highly flexible and without obligation
  • The user guide lets you create as many new feeds as you like, for internal or external document consultation ​
  • The service is secure

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