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Easy Workflow

Create any type of SAP workflow quicly and easily, with no workflow skills required

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Simply manage your workflow in SAP

Whether you simply want to create a new customer, associate dozens of items with hundreds of factories, or enter 5,000 new accounting entries, you can design your form directly in Excel with the Easy Workflow solution.

There’s no need to wait for technical teams, you can develop your own form templates with basic Excel knowledge. You can even use your existing Excel file formats and start a workflow.

Available features

Easy Workflow is an Excel-only solution, so no other system is required.​

  • Handle simple or more complex documents, depending on the task in hand
  • Manage workflow settings: users, groups, reports, status, directly from Excel
  • Process milestones via SAP Fiori or an external system with multiple reminders at different times
  • Graphical flow reporting and progress ​
  • Customize the graphic charter with a user-oriented inbox
Easy Workflow

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