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Easy Testing

Automate the testing of your end-to-end business processes for a better user experience

Guarantee the quality of your applications

Previously undervalued, testing actually represents 30% of a project’s effort, and is generally manual. The result : delivery delays, stress for teams, prolonged hypercare phases and production bugs.

As the pace of software upgrades accelerates, it is essential to adopt more efficient and cost-effective testing strategies, adapted to complex application paths.

Easy Testing offers you the methodologies, tools and organizational models you need to meet this challenge.

Available features

  • Maturity study and master plan
  • Unified test management solutions with gas pedal for SAP (over 800 test cases and management dashboards)
  • End-to-end functional test automation for SAP and other applications
  • Performance and scalability testing
  • Automated data integrity testing
  • Centralized technical support and competence center
  • Third-party application acceptance and test automation factory
  • Personalized support, from set-up to full outsourcing with our local and bestshore teams
Easy Testing

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