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Aldes Group combats supplier fraud with SAP & Sis ID

Published on 03/29/2021

According to a study by the National Association and Finance DIrectors Management control, 48% of companies surveyed experienced supplier fraud in 2019 in order to obtain payment for false invoices.

To eliminate this risk, the Aldes Group has secured its supplier payment process by bank transfer, checking the validity of the SIREN/IBAN pairing via a trusted third party, the Sis ID platform.

This validation is essential to prevent certain types of fraud, such as the notorious “President’s fraud”, in which a company is tricked into making a transfer by a swindler impersonating an executive. It is also essential when a company works with a significant number of suppliers. Checks can also be carried out via a web interface, for ad hoc verification of low volumes.

Initially, to avoid having to modify standard SAP transactions, the operation was carried out in the conventional way: SIREN/IBAN pairs were queried en masse on the Sis ID platform, via an Excel file extracted from the ERP.

“The feedback from the platform was immediate. With this solution, we can send mass data, gain peace of mind and information reliability, with the assurance of having a quality supplier repository.”

Céline Cornet

FI-CO-HR Domain Manager in the IT Department at AIdes

This stand-alone security platform coexists with an SAP ERP system, which manages payment identification data and runs SEPA credit transfer payment processes.

Link the Sis ID platform to the SAP ERP system to optimize management by integrating controls and operational payment flows.

“We wanted to be able to query the Sis ID platform directly from the SAP ERP system in order to secure the payment chain. In other words, we wanted to add dedicated functionalities to control data in the processes carried out in the SAP system, without burdening the management processes or adding to the workload of the users. »

Céline Cornet

FI-CO-HR Domain Manager in the IT Department at AIdes

Sis ID approached TeamWork to design an add-on for SAP

“We worked on this add-on with the aim of remaining as standard as possible, with compatibility with all SAP versions. We’ll save the equivalent of four man-days a month and eliminate the risk of errors.”

Victor Montoro

Director of Operations for SAP activities, TeamWork

In concrete terms, this involved rendering control information from the Sis ID platform in real time on the screens used in SAP ERP processes. Controls are proposed at crucial moments in the payment process: management of third-party database data (creation, update) and generation of payment proposals.

The add-on (registered with SAP) provides a transaction for querying the Sis ID platform for all SIREN/IBAN pairs, either on demand or in scheduled mode, with a scope covering suppliers and customers.

It is broken down by functionality and business flows. It is therefore possible to independently activate the various parts of the add-on, which is divided up according to business functions. For the time being, this add-on is available for SAP’s ECC6 suite and is eligible for S/4HANA. Support for front-end functionalities (FIORI) is currently being implemented.